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Reveal the best configuration ratio amplifiers and speakers
Date:2014-10-22 10:07:26

    In the field of professional sound reinforcement and audio equipment configuration is very fastidious, a power amplifier and speaker configuration is the most important, though, some speakers were using notes referring users to the specific brand or model of power amplifier, but still have limitations, since users often faced with many types of amplifiers, do not know how to start.
    Power amplifier and speaker configuration involves many aspects, such as power amplifier brand, selection of power tube type and low sensitivity should configure what kind of power amplifier, etc. Power amplifier and speaker of the specific configuration, and generally experience with designers, hobbies, listening habits and other factors, it is difficult to find a unified standard.
    Sometimes we will encounter some users or designers to save money for speaker configuration often smaller power amplifiers, some users and to the so-called "power reserve enough" to give speaker configuration large power amplifiers. Obviously, it is appropriate to do so. It is important that this configuration can cause damage to equipment. In the configuration of power amplifier and speakers, amplifier is the key, that is, the principle of determining amplifier should be unified.
    As you know, after the hall acoustics design, need according to a series of calculate and determine the sound power, and then be determined by the speaker power amplifier, but whether the power matching can achieve the best match?
First, in the human ear listen to domain within 20 hz to 20 KHZ, really focused a great deal of energy music signal in middle and low, frequencies, and high frequency band energy equivalent to 1/10 of the energy, low frequency. So, the general speakers of high loss power was much lower than the woofer, high and low sounds in order to balance; Modulator and the power amplifier is like a current, its input audio signal under the control of the output current for speakers of different size, make it happen voice of different size, under the certain condition of impedance, want to let the nominal power of 200 w power amplifier output of 400 w or several times is easy, just distortion (THD) of the power amplifier will be greatly increased, the distortion is mainly produce the high frequency harmonic in medium and low frequency signal, the greater the distortion, the greater the high frequency harmonic energy, and the high frequency signal distortion will be to enter the high head with high frequency music signal, which is why small power amplifier push burn the cause of the high head big speakers will happen.
    In the concept of a lot of people, as long as the amplifier power, it is possible to burn the speakers. Although some distortion of power amplifier without instructions, but due to the deficiency of device configuration already, distortion may occur during use, when the distortion has lost its meaning. Moreover, because of the limitation of the user experience and the quality of amplifier distortion are often overlooked.
    Second, power amplifier and speaker of the power configuration and target loudness and occasions used also to have certain relations. Under a certain target loudness, should let the music signal dynamic on each piece of equipment can be fully guaranteed, if the amplifier is too large, the gain setting is very small, loudness has reached the requirements, but the gain of the amplifier limits the signal dynamic range.
    So the amplifier cannot too big; Otherwise, now that wasteful spending, and loudness and music dynamic can't juggle and speakers will load too much trouble. Based on past experience, the general language, music and discos and other places of large dynamic are distinguished. A general signal amplification places small ups and downs, don't need a power amplifier for a long time or quickly provide a large current to the speaker, so amplifier should be bigger than required strong dynamic power amplification places to small;
    In addition, the so-called "power reserve" should also be aimed at speakers, it is worth noting that the power amplifier of the selected must be decided by the speaker, there should be no "power reserve" to configure the concept of power amplifier. In other words, under the certain target loudness, a speaker can than design value, for different purposes, and the power of the power amplifier should be strictly determined by the speaker, not much flexibility.
In a word, the configuration of the power amplifier and loudspeaker specific criteria should be: under the certain condition of impedance, power amplifier should be greater than the speakers, but not too big. Boomed in general power amplifier applications places do not break should be the speaker power rating of 1.2 to 1.5 times the left and right sides; While in large dynamic situations should be about 1.5 2 times.


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